Miloslav Vlček, Přemysl Sobotka


Dear Visitors,
Welcome to the website devoted to the parliamentary dimension of the Czech Republic’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

The Czech Republic will take over the presidency for the first half of 2009 as the second of the new EU member states to do so. Slovenia’s presidency demonstrated that even a small country with no previous experience can successfully preside over the European Union.

Just a few months ago, we assumed that the Czech presidency would be entirely devoted to carefully chosen priorities that we had consulted in advance and in detail with our French and Swedish partners. However, developments on the international scene have decided otherwise. The financial crisis and the ratification of the Treaty of Lisbon have come to the forefront and the parliamentary dimension will not remain indifferent to those issues.

Elections to the European Parliament will be held towards the end of our presidency. To allow our colleagues from the European Parliament to take part in the events we have scheduled those events mainly for the first four months of the Czech presidency. The exception is the XLI COSAC meeting, which will conclude the parliamentary part of the Czech presidency in Prague in May.

In addition senators and deputies will discuss energy security, migration and civil security, transatlantic cooperation and financial issues. The traditional joint negotiations with members of the European Parliament will be held in Brussels, and their subject matter will reflect current developments in politics and economics.

We believe that the Czech presidency will be a success and will contribute, at least in part, to resolving the problems that the European Union – and not only the European Union – must face.

Miloslav Vlček
Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies
Parliament of the Czech Republic
Přemysl Sobotka
President of the Senate
Parliament of the Czech Republic


5. 2. 2009

Online broadcast of the COSAC Chairpersons meeting


2. 2. 2009

Meeting of Speakers

A meeting with the President of the European Parliament Mr. Hans – Gert Pöttering, the First Vice-President of the Congress of Deputies of Spain Mrs. Teresa Cunillera, the President of the National Assembly of France Mr. Bernard Accoyer and the Speaker of the Parliament of Sweden Mr. Per Westerberg took place in Prague on Friday 30 January 2009 upon the invitation of the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic Mr. Miloslav Vlček.


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